How We Homeschool

How We Homeschooled Start to Finish (Videos Below)

Jody and I decided to homeschool our 5 children when we were faced with our
firstborn having cerebral palsy.  We didn’t want him to get labeled too soon, so we
started at home.  Jody has a Masters in Education and wanted a real scope-and-sequence.
I was Liberal Arts…so I wanted to give the children freedom (we didn’t have ‘unschooling’ notions back then :-)  The Robinson Curriculum turn out to be a fine fit for our perspective and goals.

We both wanted the kids to LEARN HOW TO LEARN, so that’s what we engineered.  Two hours of reading, two hours of math, and one hour of writing.  All we were missing was a writing strategy, so we invented one [The Writing Course]

The videos below tell our story / thoughts on how we educated 5 children from birth to

Fred Ray & Jody Lybrand
Part 1

3 Responses to How We Homeschool

  1. Donna says:

    Thank you!

  2. Sharon Nelson says:

    I loved watching the videos on how you use RC. I’ve tried to implement RC into our homeschool a couple of years ago and then out of fear, shifted back to using textbooks. I shifted back to textbooks because I spent so many years of trying this and that curriculum and I feel that my 9th grade daughter is now behind on math because of me (changing so much). I’ve had her consistently using Saxon for the last 2 years and she’s now in pre-algebra (Algebra 1/2). I’m having her work 6 days a week and through the summer to get her caught up so she can start Alg 1 as soon as she’s done. She struggles with math.

    I also have a 10 yr old that I would like to start using RC, but it makes me nervous (not using textbooks and following a scope & sequence). Did you mix and match the types of books read during the two hours of reading a day or did you just have them read down the list? I also saw some good books on Ambleside Online, but I didn’t want to add too much at first since I know I will start to shift into using too many different curriculum and start being inconsistent again. I’m nervous about for my high schooler and also my 4th grader missing out on reading through history in a flow from creation through present time, enough science, etc., although I love the RC concept (3 R’s). Any thoughts and can you give me specifics on how to use RC in a tangible and workable way?

    I also have your writing program. I just need to start using it consistently. I’ve had my 4th grader use the Abeka Language program since I know that she’s covered in spelling, grammar, etc.

  3. Fred Lybrand says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Glad you dropped by ;-)

    The best thing to do is set up a sequence in the day, something like:

    30 min – Writing Time
    1 hr – Math
    1 hr – Reading
    30 minutes exercise / play
    1 hr. – Reading
    1 hr. – Math

    …then start working your way to it (into it).

    On math… what is her problem specifically? How many problems is she doing a day? Have you considered some tutoring?

    On reading – yes, we mixed other books we ‘approved of’ into the mix. Frankly, some of the RC books were too far ahead of where the kids where age wise…so they’ve gone back and re-read some of the earlier ones. Reading itself is helping the brain with learning (even marginal stuff)…see Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman.

    On writing – Go through The Writing Course first…then have them write some everyday with feedback as we outline in the video on our resources site:

    I see this is posted on our FB Group page…I’ll post this there too…good place to get everyone’s thoughts:



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